A marketing strategy as a basis for an effective follow-up

Establishing a nice or distinctive campaign with corresponding actions is not what makes a business unique. More important is the question: does the campaign connect to your brand identity? Does the campaign add something to your reputation? It is good to know that at TutchCommunication we are not afraid to use some serious marketing. Where do we have to agree upon before starting? What is really important for your brand?

By working for a wide variety of clients, Tutch has lots of experience in marketing. By having this experience, we try to be a natural extension to your company’s own marketing department. As a second, we can take care of all your marketing related activities, from advise to research.

A practical approach
We know the theory of the marketing books, but moreover do we understand the current situation as it is nowadays. We understand that it takes a lot of creativity to effectively target your audience. That is the main reason our marketing approach is refreshing, exciting and distinctive. We find the gaps in the market and claim the possibilities that arise in the mind of your audience. This has proven to make Tutch a very successful marketing agency.


  • Marketing & communications strategies
  • Publicity campaigns
  • Relationship marketing
  • Sponsoring
  • Concepting
  • Project management
  • Direct mail
  • Customer relationship management via databases
  • Joint promotions
  • Test research
  • Loyalty programs
  • Cooperations
  • Promotor
  • Local agent

Advertising that touches you

Advertising is an add-up of a wide variety of specialisms. Online as well as offline. Thematically and action-based. Planned and guerrilla. The least you can expect of an advertising agency is that they keep a clear overview. An agency has to understand that your budget asks for a clever and innovative way of using creativity and resources.

Tutch is that kind of agency. Experienced by working for 1001 clients, creative by using 1002 media. In a time were audiences do not just believe anything and communication is two-sided traffic, these qualities matter. With Tutch you bring in a cross medial company that flexibly switches from audience A to audience B and from medium X to medium Y.

Strategic and executive
As an advertising agency we are always ready to support you. We like to strategically discuss about positioning and propositions. We establish advertising plans that reinforce the fundament of your communication activities. Direct mail, e-mailing, sales, Internet sites and corporate campaigns. With a focus on lean and mean we work towards results.

PR and communication as part of every project

Reaching your audience nowadays goes via more channels than it used to. That’s basically why working with an all-round agency enables more effective ways of working. In addition, PR can be very important in that strategy. In both situations TutchCommunication is a company that adds value to your strategy.

You decide how to use Tutch. As a PR- and communications agency that defines an effective communications strategy from scratch? Or as a partner in the execution phase, which directs the whole process and therefore reassures efficiency. We are both.

An experienced PR- and communications agency
We work for various brands and markets. Naturally, we like to share these experiences with you. In the form of practical advises, clear plans and a creative execution. We are an inspiring partner. One that works together with you and your employees towards a distinctive position in the market.

Graphic design via our own studio

Managing budgets in a clever way is easier for an agency that carries out everything by itself. For that reason you can leave the graphic design up to TutchCommunication. Our own designers can handle every project. Not just in print, but also online!

We have lots of experience in graphic design, by working for large brands and ambitious start-ups. This enables us to fluently translate your brand positioning in a visual way. We can do so by a one-time visual concept or for a long-lasting campaign, expressed via different media.

From design to placement
We protect you complete visual identity. From a new corporate identity to the restyling of your logo. Don’t worry about the process, as Tutch takes care of communication with copy shops and the chosen media.

Communication on the internet starts with Tutch

Entrepreneurs understand how important the internet is. At the same time, numerous companies do not get a tight grip on online communication. Tutch helps you to see the forest for the trees. We do so by using the digital media that are effective for your business and translate your message in a way that is directly inherent to e-solutions.

The benefit of a cooperation with Tutch is that we combine online experience with the experience of an “old-school” marketing and communications agency. This makes it very comfortable to discuss the possibilities of e-marketing for you company, with Tutch. In the end, this is why we work online from the perspective of a strong positioning and a distinctive concept.

We are extremely flexible in the execution phase. Being an all-round agency, we see online communication as a part of the total communication framework. However, Tutch can also be solely used as a specialist for the digital process. From app development to writing SEO-friendly web texts and from an internet site to database management.

An internet agency with marketing expertise

The design of websites is a daily routine for Tutch. We design websites in for example WordPress and Joomla, which connect an optimal user experience to a maximum amount of flexibility. This, at a very reasonable price. However, we are more than a web design agency. At Tutch, we always look at internet sites from a marketing and advertising perspective.

This ensures that your website expresses the same identity as the rest of your communications. It also enables your proposition online to be clearly expressed. After all, communicating on the internet requires different disciplines.

From the first advise we inspire our partners with practical recommendations. Afterwards, we can carry out your entire plan: design, content management, SEO-writing, image, hosting. This complete package makes Tutch a next level web design agency.

Our recommendation: When you decide to develop a new website it becomes increasingly important that the website is responsive. This enables consumers to access the website on any device. In that way, visitors can visit and use your website via a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone in an optimal way. In addition, Google places websites that are responsive higher in its search results. Would you like to find out what your current website looks like on an Ipad or a smartphone? Feel free to take a look on responsinator. Naturally, we would love to give you some more advice on adjusting your current website or developing a new one!

Events? Tutch!

There are many situations in which clients reach their goals sooner with an event or by organising something else that has to do with “live communication”. Also in these situations Tutch can bring your company to the next level. Many of our activities are related to events. We do not just organize and host these events for clients. TutchCommunication also hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Personal communication between a business and one of its (potential) customers is still one of the best approaches in communication. Make use of the chance to connect to your audience in a different way. At an exhibition or a convention. Via an incentive. At a dealer event or at a product presentation? The choice is yours!

Tutch can advise and help you in these disciplines. It might be that organizing an event is the right step to take for your business. The complete plan, from scratch can be executed by Tutch. We are experienced organizers, by having hosted events (among others) for:

  • The Noorderlicht Event (Northern light Event) in the Heineken Music Hall, for Iceland Air
  • Bourgondisch Breda (Burgundian Breda), which is a four day culinary event, hosted by Tutch
  • One day to Lapland (60 persons on a one-day trip), in cooperation with Voigt Travel
  • The “pasture-dinner”

Tutch organises events in a way that they are both in line with, and an addition to your corporate identity.

Send your e-mail newsletter!

One on one communication with clients. Presenting offers in an effective way, and against far lower prices. E-mail newsletters offer more possibilities than you would expect. From design till sending, TutchCommunication e-mail campaign Breda does the work for you.

An e-mail newsletter is an incredibly effective tool to use. The costs of an e-mail campaign are far lower than those of a direct mail campaign. Lots of work? Not at all. TutchCommunication takes care of the full-automated e-mail sending and ensures that your database stays up-to-date. In that way you can leave up your entire organisation, from design to sending to TutchCommunication. This sending does not have to include large numbers of e-mail addresses. Starting at a few hundred addresses, e-mail campaigns can be extremely relevant for any organization.


Experienced in data management
TutchCommunication has lots of experience. We design and develop successful newsletters for our clients, which does hardly ask for their involvement. From database management or the design of layouts and from the writing of texts, to the actual sending of the newsletters. Tutch takes care of it, while you can keep track of the results online.

Make an appointment and experience how easy it can be to reach your audience.

Communicate via your own app

If you audience becomes increasingly more “mobile”, than why does your communication not? An own app increases the grip on your audience. It enables you to present all information for your customers on own place. Think of press releases, interesting information, announcements of events and sales or incentives. Ask yourself, can it get more relevant?

TutchCommunication has created a clever system which allows to develop apps within own environment. With Tutch, usability comes first. By logging in via internet the content is actualised within no-time. Your application is directly usable for Apple IOS, Android and Windows phones/tablets.

Create a unique app for each company or every branch
Completely in style with your own brand. An application as a digital brochure or with a very own functionality. Communication and spreading information take far less time with an application. Apps are very user friendly, everyone can find his way within an app. As a next, they are very easy to maintain, easy to develop and they even work offline. Tutch develops apps for every branch, as easy or advanced as you wish: check out our possibilities here.

An app does not have to be as expensive as you might think. Starting from €1.950, we can develop your application!