Portfolio Category E-solutions


TechData (ETC)

TechData (formerly ETC) is an ICT distributor of a wide and deep range of products and services in the field of automation. TutchCommunication provides original concepts for direct marketing campaigns to the resellers for various brands such as Acer, IBM, and HP.

Noorderlicht App

The number of travel bookings decreases when using traditional media. At the request of Voigt Travel, TutchCommunication has proposed a different strategy. In this strategy, product development goes hand in hand with the focus on other channels: DM, TV and PR at the right moments and outstanding advertisements towards retail and consumers. TutchCommunication has set up an e-mail database and e-mail campaign and sends e-mails to various files every week. The result is that Voigt Travel has more influence on booking situations and can respond more quickly to possibly lagging travel bookings.

HPS Connectivity Solutions

HPS is active in the implementation of complex, integrated data and speech solutions. HPS specializes themselves in IP telephony. TutchCommunication has developed the new corporate design and subsequently designed and built the new website. In addition, Tutch has developed a concept for the advertisements and the brochures. Other activities of the agency are in the field of design and stand constructions for various trade fairs and the audiovisual business presentations.

Van Tilburg-Bastianen Groep

The Van Tilburg-Bastianen Group is one of the larger car dealers in the Southwest of Brabant, actively dealing in brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, DAF Trucks, Ginaf Trucks and Krone Trailers. The TB group invests a lot in direct communication with the various target groups. Tutch is the agency that manages e-mail newsletters from start to finish at a regular basis.


In the business to business sector, Tractel is known as a specialist in lifting and hoisting technology and solutions for working at heights safely. The Tractel Group operates internationally, from 25 locations and with a total of 950 employees.