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Visit Greenland

TutchCommunication is researching the exposure possibilities in the Benelux for Greenland as an adventure tourism destination. Stimulating Tour Operators to implement the Greenland proposition in their portfolio and Greenland as content for TV productions (travel, adventure) in the Benelux are the main goals.


Although a relatively unknown airline, Icelandair has big ambitions. TutchCommunication was requested to help the brand reach higher levels in the marketing-strategic and communication field towards retail and consumer. In addition to PR and extra television exposure, TuchCommunication has provided a number of large media barters such as Skyradio, SBS and the Telegraaf Group. On top of that, a Noorderlicht event for the travel industry was organized at the Heineken Music Hall. Thanks to these actions, Icelandair has increased both in retail and in consumer awareness and the number of Netclub members has increased from 10.000 to 35.000 members; which is an important strategic tool for special offers. By 2009, the number of travellers had increased to 65%.


Slagharen is the second most famous theme- and holiday resort park in the Netherlands. The park had been looking for a different image. TutchCommunication has been asked to draw up a marketing communication plan in which the repositioning and the new theme set by Slagharen were well-expressed.

Cirque du Soleil

Commissioned by Cirque du Soleil, TutchCommunication has sought sponsors for the Alegria and the new Varekai show. A list of 30 potential sponsor had been compiled, all of which have been approached. From this list, TutchCommunication found 5 potential sponsors who were interested in sponsoring one of the shows in the future.

10 Gold

The market share of Radio10Gold was under pressure. Radio10Gold has asked TutchCommunication to develop a new campaign and promotion ideas.

De Buurjongens

With ‘De Buurjongens’ we introduced a new and surprising platform to get companies in and around Breda to get acquainted with each other. Through De Buurjongens , companies create more awareness in their own region with low promotional costs.